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If you’re enrolled in a program or course that involves working with animals or in agricultural environments, you may need to provide The University of Queensland (UQ) with evidence of vaccination or immunity against Q fever.

UQ Health Care runs a Q fever screening and vaccination program for students at the start of each semester.

If you have had proven Q Fever infection or Q Fever Screening or vaccination in the past, you cannot participate in this program. Please refer to your original vaccination provider or the Q Fever register if you registered with them previously. We may be able to assist with a consult outside the screening program if you are unsure.

The program consists of two visits, one week apart.

  • First visit – a detailed history, skin test and blood test are performed
  • Second visit, one week later – tests are read and Q fever vaccine is given if tests show no immunity to Q fever
    • If your results are indeterminate**, two further consultations will be necessary, as per below.

You must attend both sessions in the program you choose to attend.

Please note: you cannot attend a second consultation at UQ Health Care if you have done the first visit screening at another medical centre. Please return to that clinic for completion of Q Fever screening.



To make an appointment for a program at any location, contact the St Lucia clinic by phone:

(07) 3365 6210



Q Fever consultations and vaccinations do not generally attract a Medicare or OSHC insurance rebate. For UQ employees, if applicable, please consult your department to advise us directly or provide a payment authorisation form for us to bill them directly.


First visit:

Consultation and Q fever screening (includes skin test and blood test)

UQ Students: $90

UQ Staff: $120

Consultation only (if deemed unsafe to screen and immunise)

UQ Students: $50

UQ Staff: $80

*$25.00 added to screening cost if completed outside the designated Q fever program dates above


Second visit:

Q fever assessment and vaccination (if vaccination required)

UQ Students: $170

UQ Staff: $200

Q fever assessment only (if vaccination not required)

UQ Students: $50

UQ Staff: $80



Consultation (includes retest-skin test and blood test)

Costs will be advised at the time of the consultation.

Follow up consultation, 2-3 weeks later.

Costs will be advised at the time of the consultation.



Should you be immunocompromised due to a medical condition, medications or treatments, to prevent delays and avoid the cost of an additional consultation, we encourage you to:

  • discuss with your treating Specialist whether it is suitable for you to undertake screening and immunisation for Q fever; and
  • provide a letter from your treating Specialist, which will be taken into account by the General Practitioner to determine if you are suitable for screening and immunisation.